Here are the most Common Video Game Console Repairs:

    • SONY
    • PS4 HDMI Port Replacement;
    • PS4 Start-up & Disc Read Issues;
    • PS3 Yellow Light & Disc Read Issues;
    • PS Vita LCD Screen Replacement.


    • XBOX 360 Red Ring of Death
    • XBOX 360 Disc Read & Tray Opening Issues
    • XBOX one Disc Drive & Start-Up Issues


    • Wii & Wii U Disc Read Issues
    • Wii U Game Pad Screen Replacement
    • 3DS XL LCD Screen & Hinge Replacement


Being that we were one of the first tech repair companies in the United States to start offering Video Game System repair services, we have seen every issue, on every gaming platform; and know how to fix it!

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