ipad repair


First of all, we know how hard to go to class or meeting without your iPad and information in it so we do give same day repair service for most tablets. iPad repair takes almost an hour therefore you can wait while installation. It is not done yet or you don’t have time to wait ? No worries we will ship it for you or drop off in local areas. As a result you will be online as before or be able to go class and take your note on your iPad.A broken iPad is intense particularly on the off chance that it is a piece of your business, instruction, or only for individual use. We do iPad repair day by day and can repair anything from a broken or smashed glass, LCD panel, liquid damage, or even a product issue! Cracked Glass on your iPad? Get it repaired with our fast same day service by our store.


tablet repair

We specialize in phone and tablet component replacement such as

  • Replace broken LCD screens;
  • Replace frames;
  • Replace microphones;
  • Replace earphones;
  • Replace buttons;
  • Replace charging ports;
  • Replace batteries;
  • Soldering on mobile and other devices (motherboards, charging ports, etc);
  • Water Damage Repair;

Feel free to check our stylish and protector accessories while we repair your iPad.

We evaluate your device for free and give you an accurate quote on the price of the repairs needed to get your phone or tablet back in shape


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